Tibet, a rich and beautiful land, is located at the main part of Qinghal -Tibet plateau, South west frontier of China. Tibet borders with Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and Xinjiang; to the south contiguous to India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Burma, and bounded by Kashmir on the West.

The Tibet Autonomous Region with a population of two million, many of Tibetans, and an area of 1.2 million sq.km. Tibet is rich in natural resources and owns a vast expanse of landforms. People living on this land have been creating a glorious culture since ancient times. There has a long history; majestic mountains and rivers, regular customs and habits, wonderful natural landscape with monks clad in ropes and yellow hats and seen everywhere. If you were to set your foot in this virgin land, to follow the steps of pilgrims dating from ancient times, to visit the great temples and monasteries, to enjoy the unique culture, to have sips of waters from those limpid rivers and lakes, to sight the different customs and to trek around those mighty snow clad peaks, you would surely be intoxicated with their wonders.

Tibet is one of those extraordinary destination where indeed adventure lurks around every corner! Adventure on the road is never short on the beautiful Transhimalayan drive, through mountain, passes, promising a panorama of a cultural and scenic diversity unsurpassable anywhere. It culminates on an arid plateau - a veritable treasure trove of architectural masterpieces - the Buddhist monasteries of Drepung, once the largest in the country The Jhokhang - a spiritual center, and the awesome palaces of the Dalai Lama - Norbulinga (the summer palace) and the Potala (the traditional seat).

To travel for days on this remote plateau with the chance encounters of nomads herding their sheep or yaks is to be transformed into another way of life. This tour is always organized in a group basis. The tour leaves on every Saturday and Tuesday.