Mardi Himal Trek( 11 Days )

Mardi Himal trek is a 11 day trek which is one of the finest trekking oppurtunity. In this trek, we get to explore various traditional villages and get insights of spectacular views of traditional mountains and rives. It includes an eight day walking trek and two days of bus ride. The highest elevation of this trek would be 4550M, which is the madi himal base camp.

This trek usually takes place in the middle of sptember to the middle of june gives us a glimpse of the culture and tradition of the gurung community. This place is also enriched with a diversified view of snow capped mountains and shining rivers. Most of this journey is via Annapurna. It starts at the point Kande and terminates at Dhampus. While engaged in this trek you might also be able to venture the deep forest and high alpine patures.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1:   On this day , we arrive in Kathmandu.

Day 2:   On this day, we trek brefing, preparation and visit Sawayambunath (Money Temple) in the afternoon.

Day 3:   On this day, we go from Kathmandu to Pokhara by tourist bus which takes about 6hrs.

Day 4:   On this day, we drive to Kande and Trek to Australian Camp 2010m It takes about 2hrs.

Day 5:   On this day we go for the Forest Camp 2500m. It takes about6hrs.

Day 6:   On this day, we go to the low Camp 2990m.It takes about 4hrs.

Day 7:   On this day we trek to High Camp 3580m. It takes about 5hrs.

Day 8:   On this day, we will be hiking to Mardi Himal Base Camp 4450m. It takes about 7hrs.

Day 9:   On this day, we descend to Forest Camp 2500m.It takes about 7hrs.

Day 10:  On this day we trek to Dhampus village 7hrs. From ,Dhampus Phdedi 2hrs walk and drive to Lakeside/Pokhara.

Day 11:  On this day, we go to Kathmandu by tourist bus with a 6 hour ride.